Conservation paradox: Dealing with human-wildlife conflicts 

Human-wildlife interactions are inevitable in human-dominated landscapes of Nepal. While much of these interactions pass by as plain sightings, some transpire into ‘conflicts’, causing losses to people and animals. Other than individual losses, conflicts can have more severe repercussions, notably reduced tolerance of people and retaliations towards wildlife. Addressing these concerns is critical for ‘sustained’ success in conservation. Continue reading “Conservation paradox: Dealing with human-wildlife conflicts “


Cash for Trash: The Clean Revolution – Mysuru

In December 2015, I quit my job for stories. I wanted to document individuals who are making a difference to society and environment, not waiting for government or NGOs or God to intervene.

One of the first that I got to know about was a ward in Mysuru, named Kumbarakoppal, through my young friend Akhilesh (who happens to be one of the most experienced, well-informed and socially-aware persons I know). I did not know it then, but Akhilesh told me that this was the cleanest in Mysuru.  Continue reading “Cash for Trash: The Clean Revolution – Mysuru”