Cash for Trash: The Clean Revolution – Mysuru

In December 2015, I quit my job for stories. I wanted to document individuals who are making a difference to society and environment, not waiting for government or NGOs or God to intervene.

One of the first that I got to know about was a ward in Mysuru, named Kumbarakoppal, through my young friend Akhilesh (who happens to be one of the most experienced, well-informed and socially-aware persons I know). I did not know it then, but Akhilesh told me that this was the cleanest in Mysuru. 

Cleanliness and Indian cities are not something I would put together. See this for instance. Bangalore.jpg

But Mysuru was different. Not the cleanest it could be. But clean nevertheless.

So, accompanied by Akhilesh, I visited the cleanest ward in India’s cleanest city.

The following 5-minute video blog was the outcome of this visit. I hope you enjoy it. But more than enjoy, I hope you introspect and question why similar initiatives could not be done elsewhere.


Dedicated to: Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.

One thought on “Cash for Trash: The Clean Revolution – Mysuru

  1. Good job baucha:, the video sums up the good inititive very well. Here, at my place, few friends of mine n I tried to start the same some time back but we failed in lack of people’s participation.

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